Swiggy and others remark as a digital designer uses a CPU to cook aloo parathas.

The man places the small aloo parathas on top of the hot, greasy CPU. He carefully flips the parathas from side to side while they cook, using tweezers.

It’s possible that when scrolling through your Instagram feed, you came across a few strange culinary ideas that didn’t quite satisfy your palate or sense of sight. But what happens when cooking takes an entirely different and even dangerous turn, attracting the attention of other creators and even prompting a reply from Swiggy?

This was the situation when a designer of digital technology, chose to make little aloo parathas on a CPU surface. Although the process sounds very dangerous at first, it actually looks quite harmless in the video, much like you would do when cooking aloo paratha.

The video begins with the professional maker spraying drops of oil on the CPU and evenly spreading it. Following this, He makes aloo paratha for the player and fills it up with the same mix.

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